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All the models & figures shown on this site were built/painted are my own work. My workshop was born from a converted garage and I am currently based here in West Sussex in the UK.


I can build both straight out of the box using just what comes with the kit, but also up to a super detailed level and to period accurate replicas staying as true to the original subject as possible. This is generally achieved using aftermarket additions and/or scratch made enhancements. I use different mediums to paint models but mainly with acyrlics from manufacturers such as Tamiya, Vallejo & Citadel. I favour Zero paints for spraying via an Iawata HP-C professional airbrush, however I can also use rattle-cans and even brush painted finishes when required. All models are clear coated with a 2 part clear where required.

On some of my builds I like to weather the kit using a variety of techniques and finishes depending on what is appropriate for the vehicle in question or inline with the customer specifications. Some kits (particularly older kits) do look dated and these often require a bit more detail added - usually scratch made. Obviously custom builds take longer - and a timescale will be agreed and explained prior to commencing any work. I have built models from 1/32nd scale all the way upto 1/8 scale. If you need your model for a particular time just let me know and I will do my best to meet your timescale. I prefer to hand deliver finished models where possible, however postage can be accommodated, I will pack each model as carefully as possible but obviously these are usually fragile and small parts can occassionally suffer during transit, you are of course welcome to pick the model up from me here in West Sussex.


These are as a guide only as I have found each project is generally different each time. We can discuss further in detail and I will always give you a cost prior to each build.

All prices are built as - 'Out of the Box' (ie. no extra details added). Additional details will be calculated per each project.

Scale Price









Larger Scales

Please contact me for a quote


All my figures are predominantly painted with Citadel and Vallejo paints, clear coated and based as per requirements. I have painted most sizes from 25mm figures, individual pieces or armies as well as much larger figures and busts, varying from table top wargaming standard upto standalone one off display pieces. Bases can be scratch made or swapped for after market versions or kept simple depending on requirements.

Size Price







1/8 Busts


Larger sizes, custom bases & armies

Please contact me for a quote

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