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1977 Tyrrell 007 Meiritsu Racing - Japanese GP

The 1977 Formula season saw the now established Tyrrell team needing two new drivers and also replacement for the aging 005 and 006 cars.

Tyrrell's new pilots were Frenchman Patrick Depailler and South African Jody Scheckter but it wasn't until the fourth Grand Prix that the 007 was first introduced. At the Spanish Grand Prix Scheckter debuted the 007, with Depailler still starting in the 006.

The 007 looked a much narrower car to its predecessors and resembled the dominating McLaren and Ferrari more than any previous Tyrrell design. A sleek nose with small wings replaced the previous season's large, bulky front wing. Tyrrell's trademark round airbox was abandoned with the new evolution airbox being high and slim. Technically the 007 was very much an evolution of the previous models.

The 007 would be Tyrrell's entrant for the next two seasons and although titles were now out of the reach for the team, Jody Scheckter managed to score three victories. At the Japanese Grand Prix Kunimitsu Takahashi made his one and only F1 appearance at the race driving for the Meiritsu Racing team in a striking white, red and black liveried car and finished a creditable 9th.

This project will depict the Japan GP version of the car. It is another resin kit however it had full engine detail with the motor being maid up of white metal parts. Finding refences for the car have proved almost impossible and therefore the details will be matched to the other 007s to appear that season.

Scale 1/20
Kit Manufacturer
Grade-up Parts Top Studio
Bodywork Paint Halfords Gloss Appliance White & Zero Paints Gloss Black
Year 1977
Driver Kunimitsu Takahashi (Japan)
Event Japanese GP
Date Completed July 2012


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