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Brabham BT34
Scale 1/24
Kit Manufacturer
Detail Sets None
Year 1978
Driver Tony Pond (GB)
Event 1978 RAC Rally (GB)
Paint Tamiya TS49 Bright Red
Date Completed March 2008
Additions After market seatbelt and hardware, scratch made 'Forest arches'
Box Art boxart

The TR7 was first unveiled to the public in late 1974, it's wedge shape caused much consternation in the motoring press at the time. Even today, the TR marque is still an object of ridicule for some people - in the UK Jeremy Clarkson (a presenter on the BBC programme 'Top Gear') is one such notoriety who likes to lambast the vehicle. 1978 saw the introduction of the TR7 V8 with a competition version of the Rover 3500 engine.

This car truly sounded and looked awesome, and indeed showed some early promise. Tony Pond took honours in the car finishing first in the 24hrs of Ypres and the Manx International. The RAC rally that year had 4 TR7,s, Leyland ran 3 cars, 2 sponsored by British Airways with Pond and Simo Lampinen and a car in British Leyland Union Jack colours driven by John Haugland. There was also a private entry by Ruben Borjesson, an unknown Swede. Pond finished in 4th place, under a gaggle of Fords driven by Mikkola, Waldegaarde, and Russell Brookes, John Haugland finished in 12th on his usual only British outing of the year, driving mainly on the Safari and other long distance events.

I had planned to build the Tony Pond car from the Manx Rally of 1978, Pond and Fred Gallagher won the event. However, to do this would involve creating a new set of decals and as I have still to get my ALPS printer up and running I decided against it. There are no etch sets or transkits/upgrades available for this kit so any alterations will be scratch built. Two noteable changes will be the addition of Tarmac wheel arches and a roll cage. All in all not exactly a showcase model by any means however an enjoyable build. There is a huge gulf in terms of quality between these older kits and the latest offerings from Tamiya and Hasegawa for example. A lot of work is required to bring a kit such as this upto today's standards however this doesnt take anything away from the enjoyment, it just means that you need to spend more time and make significant changes to major parts of the kit.

Triumph TR7 Gallery
Click above for build and completed pictures

Triumph TR7 - 1978 Rally of Ireland
Triumph TR7 - 1978 RAC Rally (GB)
Triumph TR7 - 1978 RAC Rally (GB)
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