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Brabham BT34
Scale 1/24
Kit Manufacturer
Detail Sets Scale Motorsport, Studio27
Year 1998
Driver Colin McRae (GB)
Event 1998 Monte Carlo Rally
Paint Zero Paints 555 Subaru Monte Carlo Blue
Date Completed October 2012
Additions After market seatbelt and hardware, inteior details
Box Art boxart

The Subaru Imprezza began it's international rallying career in 1993 taking over from the Subaru Legacy and has made Subaru into one of the top teams competing in the WRC ever since. The '98 Imprezza has extended wheel arches, a re-designed front spoiler to allow greater cooling into the front radiator and was the first Subaru to feature the oversize rear wing to increase downforce on the rear wheels. It was powered by a 4 cylinder Turbo charged engine which delivered over 300 bhp. The car I have built is that driven by the late Colin McRae and co-driver Nicky Grist at the '98 Monte Carlo Rally.

As with the majority of Tamiya 1/24 scale offerings there is no engine detail included in the kit apart from some underside detail. I have built the 'night stage' version which features the striking spotlights on the front of the car. The area where most detail was added was the interior where I removed the moulded plastic part from behind the seats and replaced this with scratch built eletrical boxes and wiring. Etch sets from Scale Motorsport, M&A Miniautres, Studio 27 and Acu-Stion were also used.

Subaru Impreza Gallery
Click above for build and completed pictures

Subaru Impreza - 1998 Acropolis Rally
Subaru Impreza - 1998 New Zealand Rally
Subaru Impreza - 1998 Tour de Corse Rally
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