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Brabham BT34
Scale 1/20
Kit Manufacturer
Detail Sets None
Year 1983
Driver John Watson (GB)
Event Dutch GP
Paint Halfords Gloss Appliance White
Zero Paints McLaren Fluro Red

Date Completed October 2008
Additions Extra details added to cockpit
Box Art boxart

The McLaren MP4/1 series of cars was first used during the 1981 season, with further versions then used for 1982 and 1983 seasons. It was a landmark in F1 in terms of it being the first Formula One car to use a carbon fiber composite monocoque, a concept which is now ubiquitous. The three initials which define the chassis model of all McLaren's F1 cars - 'MP4' came from the merger between the McLaren company and Ron Dennis' Project 4 team. John Watson and Niki Lauda drove the MP4/1C during the 1983 season but only managed one victory, a one-two finish in the United States GP West which Watson won from Lauda, they also achieved five further podium finishes during the season.

I will be building the No.7 John Watson car with Tobacco sponsorship, it is another resin 'curbside' kit with a photo-etch detail set included. The build is OOB however I will add some extra details to the cockpit where possible.

McLaren MP4/1C Gallery
Click above for build and completed pictures

John Watson - 1983 Hungarian GP
John Watson - 1983 Monaco GP
John Watson - 1983 Austrian GP
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