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Brabham BT34
Scale 1/24
Kit Manufacturer
Detail Sets Renaissance, Studio27, Sakatsu,
GP Modeling
Year 1984
Driver Marco Alen (Fin)
Event Monte Carlo Rally
Paint Halfords Gloss Appliance White
Date Completed June 2023
Additions GP Modeling's 3D printed transkits for both front and rear. Comprehensive upgrades & scratch made parts added throughout
Box Art boxart

The development of what many consider to be the most beautiful of all WRC cars began in 1980. The car had to comply with the then new FIA Group B regulations, a new format which meant cars were far less restricted in terms of the numbers required for homologation. The project, named number 037, was only intended to be a temporary branding, however the numbers remained and the car become known simply as 037. 
The Lancia-Fiat family by now had welcomed Abarth into the all Italian family and it was the latter who did most of the design work, incorporating styling cues from some of its famous race cars of the 1950s and 1960s, such as a double bubble roof line for example. Collaboration was further made between Pininfarina, Abarth, Dallara and overall project manager Sergio Limone.
It first went into competitive action at the Rally Costa Smeralda in Italy in 1982 by which time only 200 models had been built. The 1982 season was plagued with retirements for the 037, but the new car did manage to achieve several wins including its first win at the Pace Rally in the UK. 1983 was considerably more successful for the 037 with drivers Walter Röhrl of Germany and Markku Alén of Finland taking the WRC Constructors' title, despite serious competition from the 4WD Audi Quattro.

For the following 1984 season Lancia introduced an Evolution 2 version of the 037 with improved engine power output, but this was not enough to stem the tide of 4WD competition, losing to Audi in both 1984 championships, and again to the 4WD Peugeot 205 T16 in its final works season in 1985. It was to be Markku Alén who would collect the final 037 win, and the sole one for the E2 model, on the 1984 Tour De Corse, before production was finally ended in favour of its successor, the uniquely supercharged and turbocharged 4WD Delta S4.

Sadly the 037 will also be remembered as the car being driven by Attilio Bettega who was killed driving the car in a crash whilst competing in the 1985 championship.

The model is a full detail build with both doors, front and rear engine covers openable. I used the incredible GP Modeling front and rear detail sets for the build along with further detail sets from Renaissance, Sakatsu and Studio 27 along with a number of scratch made additions to the interior.

Lancia Stratos Gallery
Click above for build and completed pictures

Lancia 037 - 1984 Acropolis
Lancia 037 - 1984 Acropolis - Henri Toivonen
Lancia 037 - 1984 1000 Lakes
Lancia 037 - 1984 Portugal
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