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Brabham BT34
Scale 1/20
Kit Manufacturer
Detail Sets None
Year 2000
Driver Jarno Trulli (Italy)
Event Brazilian GP
Paint Mr Color 176 Fluoro Yellow
Date Completed September 2008
Additions Carbon Fibre decals and seatbelt hardware
Box Art boxart

The Jordan EJ10 is an updated version of the EJ10B and was the car with which Jordan entered into the 2000 F1 Season. The old format Chassis numbers which Eddie Jordan has previously used ie. Jordan 199 for 1999 etc, were changed on the EJ10 to celebrate the team's tenth season in Forumla One with Eddie Jordan as Owner. The team were also beginning to get more and more competitive with each season and there was a genuine hope that they would once again enjoy a competitive season in 2000. Unfortunately the season did not bring success for Jordan, reliability and lack of performance hindered their results throughout the season.

However there were to be better times ahead for Jordan as they announced that the team had secured a works Honda engine for 2001, in direct competition with BAR. However there was disappointment towards the end of the year when the car's designer, Mike Gascoigne expressed his intention and desire to join the Benetton team the following year, and the decision was taken that would play no further part in the remainder of the season wth the team.

The model is a resin curbside kit by the manfacturer Treasure Hunt and is my first kit by this company. I had not heard too many good reviews although the US award winning modeler Bil Attridge has built a beautiful version using the same kit. I have to say I was disappointed with the quality of the kit in most areas. It requires a lot of work to just get it looking reasonable and I spent a great deal of time test fitting and re-adjusting the suspension in order for the car to sit flat and staight. The quality of the fit is poor and the detail level is minimal to say the least. On the plus side (for which there are few) the decals were very nice and the wheels were beautifully cast, it was a shame having to spray them black. All in all not a good experience and I only hope that the next resin kit I build will be better.

Jordan EJ10 Gallery
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Jarno Trulli - 2000 Spanish GP
Jarno Trulli - 2000 Portugese GP
Jarno Trulli - 2000 Brazilian GP
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