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Brabham BT34
Scale 1/24
Kit Manufacturer  le mans miniatures
Detail Sets KA Models
Year 2006
Driver Frank Biele (Ger)
Emannuele Pirro (Ita)
Marco Werner (Ger)
Event Le Mans 24 Hour
Paint Zero Paints Audi Silver
Date Completed May 2020
Additions After market seatbelt and hardware, additional cockpit details
Box Art boxart

The Audi R10 TDI, commonly known as the R10, is a twin turbo charged 5.5ltr diesel engined LMP1 classification endurance sports car. The car dominated Le Mans, achieving success every year from its 2006 introduction until it was replaced by the R15 in 2009. It was designed and constructed for the Endurance Sports Car Racing formula in the Le Mans Prototype LMP1 class, and other similar endurance races. Unveiled on the 13th December 2005m it went on to win at the 12 Hours of Sebring race, its maiden race and also at the 2006 June 24 Hours of Le Mans. It was the first diesel to win either of those events. At $15 million a year it was the most ambitious and most expensive project ever undertaken by Audi Sport and remains as the last-ever V12-engined race car to date.

The car was built to supersede the Audi R8, a five time proven winning car at Le Mans since 2000 and earned a reputation as one of the most successful racing cars of all time. As a direct result of the success and dominance of the R8 and in order to make the racing more competitive the Automobile Club de l'Ouest (ACO), which sets the rules for racing in the Le Mans 24 Hours, reduced the restrictor size on the engine, and stipulated the R8 carry extra weight. In response to the new level of competition, the development of a successor was now clearly necessary.

Though the R10 does show a strong resemblance to the previous model, it is a new design. Changes include a second rollover hoop, a longer wheelbase in order to take the longer V12 TDI engine, a complete revamp of the aerodynamics package was also undertaken in order to comply with the new LMP1 regulations. The design and aerodynamics were developed by Audi, with input and assistance from the wind tunnel at Fondtech. Audi manufactured 90% of the monocoque and ex-F1 constructor Dallara contributed to the remaining 10%, with further assistance from various suppliers manufacturing all the components and sub-assemblies with the final build being completed at Audi's Ingolstadt factory in Germany.

My build is using the curbside resin kit by Scale Motorsport & Le Mans Miniatures, I have added extra details to the cockpit and bodywork using an aftermarket photoetch detail set and some scratch made additions.

Audi R10 Gallery
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Audi R10 - 2006 Le Mans 24 Hours
Audi R10 - 2006 Le Mans 24 Hours
Audi R10 - 2006 Le Mans 24 Hours
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