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Automotive Forums   Huge website offering information on everything automotive - not just models, has a gallery section of members' real cars along with models and lots of other cool stuff. F1M   A forum and great resource for everything F1 Modeling
GurneyFlap   Fantastic website dedicated to pictures of all types of motorsports - old and new, some beautiful pictures here with terrific details, ideal for the serious modeler. Indycals   Established in 2001 and based in the US, they offer scale model water transfer decals for Indycar, F1 and GT Sports car racing.
I have used Indycals many times for custom decals and I thoroughly recommend them.
Icon Automotive   Manufacturer of Wheels, Slick and Rain tyres for 1/12 and 1/20 scale motorsport vehicles. ipms   The International Plastic Modellers Society (UK).
Modelersite   Online magazine for model builders. Excellent resource for buying super-detail articles and build tutorials. RB Motion   Manufacturer of the finest turned metal detail parts in all scales specifically for automotive scale modeling.
Rcihard Spreckley Scale Modeling   A fellow member of Tangmere IPMS, this is Richard's own Model website showcasing all his own work. Tangmere IPMS   I'm part of the Tangmere IPMS, mainly military and aviation modelers with a fellow figure painter thrown in for good measure.
thundervalley   Established in 1989 and based in the US, offering Limited Edition handmade 1/12 scale replicas, kits and F1 modeling products.      
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Acustion Airfix Aoshima Belkits Crazy Modeler Ebbro
Hasegawa Heller Italeri
Studio 27 Model Factory Hiro Iritani
Profil 24 Reji Renaissance Revell
Scale Motorsport Studio 27 Tamiya
Top Studio Beemax  

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