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Despite my best efforts to build kits, the collection is ever growing. This is my current stock as it stands but is however constantly updated. I've included any aftermarket details sets/decals/transkits for a particular kit in each listing...

Key to Abbreviations:





P/E = Photo-Etch Dec = Decals T/K = Transkit

1/24 WRC
Kit by:
Detail Parts & Decal Sets:
AUDI Audi Quattro TAM  S27 P/E Completed
  Audio Quattro Sport REJ    

AUSTIN Austin Metro 6R4 1986
Tour de Corse

CITROEN Citroen Xsara WRC 2001
Rally Catalunya
AIR S27 P/E  
  Citroen Xsara WRC 2005

DATSUN Datsun Fairlady 240Z TAM     

FIAT Fiat 131 Abarth ITAL  REN T/K  

FORD Ford Escort MkII - Rothmans ESC  REJ P/E  
Ford Escort MkII - Eaton's Yale ESC REJ P/E  
Ford Escort MkII - Belga ESC REJ P/E  
  Ford RS200
1986 Lombard RAC Rally
  Ford Escort Cosworth
4x4 Monte Carlo
  Ford Focus WRC 2000 HAS   Completed
  Ford Focus WRC
2001 Monte Carlo
  Ford Focus WRC RS 2003 HAS    
  Ford Focus WRC 2010 SIM    

LANCIA Lancia 037
1983 Monte Carlo
HAS  REN P/E    S27 P/E  
  Lancia Martini Super Delta 1992 Tour de Course HAS S27 P/E  
  Lancia Stratos HAS Completed
  Lancia Delta S4 P24    

MITSUBISHI Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IV 1997 RAC Rally HAS    Completed
  Mitsubishi Lancer Evo V TAM M&A P/E    REN T/K     S27 P/E  
  Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI TAM REN T/K   
  Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VII TAM S27 P/E  

OPEL Opel Manta GTE BEL  

PEUGEOT Peugeot 205 Turbo 16
1986 Monte Carlo
TAM  REN T/K     S27 P/E  
  Peugeot 205 Evo 2 HEL    
  Peugeot 405T16GR
1989 paris Dakar
  Peugeot 206 WRC
1999 Tour de Course
TAM ACU P/E     S27 P/E     SCM P/E  
  Peugeot 206 WRC
2000 Monte Carlo
  Peugeot 206 WRC
2001 Monte Carlo
TAM ACU P/E     REN T/K     S27 P/E  
  Peugeot 206 WRC
2002 Rallye de France

S27 P/E

  Peugeot 206 WRC
2003 Monte Carlo
TAM   Completed
  Peugeot 307 WRC
2005 Monte Carlo
  Peugeot 207 S2000

PORSCHE Porsche Carrera Gitanes ESC  
  Porsche 911 SCRS REN    

RENAULT Renault Alpine A110
1971 Monte Carlo
  Renault 5 Turbo TAM   Completed
  Renault 5 Maxi Turbo MOD    

SUBARU Subaru Imprezza WRX 1994 HAS   
  Subaru Imprezza WRC 1998 TAM   Completed
  Subaru Imprezza WRC
2001 Rally GB
TAM S27 P/E     REN T/K

TOYOTA Toyota Celica GT-4
1991 Monte Carlo
TAM Completed
  Toyota Celica GT-4
1993 Monte Carlo
TAM M&A P/E     S27 P/E
  Toyota Corolla
Rally Catalunya

TRIUMPH Triumph TR7 AIR    Completed

VW Polo R 2015 WRC BEL   

1/24 GT - Le Mans - Sports Car
Kit by:
Detail Parts & Decal Sets:
AUDI Audi R10 TDi 2006
Le Mans 24hr
SCM  S27 P/E

FERRARI Ferrari 330 P4 Berlinetta 1967 Le Mans 24hr FUJ  REN P/E    S27 P/E  
  Ferrari 512S 1970 PRO S27 P/E  
  Ferrari F40 1993 Monte Shell TAM Completed

FORD Ford GT40 P1075 1968
Le Mans 24hr
FUJ S27 P/E  

JAGUAR Jaguar XJR-9LM TAM  REN P/E     S27 P/E    SRC P/E    S27 DCLS  

MAZDA Mazda 767B
  Mazda 787B 1991 Le Mans 24hr TAM S27 P/E     SCM P/E    S27 DCLS

MERCEDES Sauber Mercedes C9 TAM S27 P/E     SCM P/E    S27 DCLS  
  Mercedes CLK-GTR TAM S27 P/E     SCM P/E  

NISSAN Nissan R89C TAM S27 P/E     SRC P/E
  Nissan R90V Cabin TAM    
  Nissan R390 GT-1 TAM SRC P/E     S27 P/E  

PEUGEOT Peugeot 905 Evo1 HEL     

PORSCHE Porsche 917K 'Gulf' 1970 FUJ  Completed
  Porsche 956 1983 SCM S27 P/E
  Porsche 962C 'Joest' 1989 TAM Completed
  Porsche 911 GT-1 TAM   Completed

TOYOTA Toyota 84C Toms TAM
  Toyota 88C-V Minolta TAM SCM P/E
  Toyota GT-1 TS020 TAM S27 P/E

1/20 & 1/12 Formula 1
Kit by:
Detail Parts & Decal Sets: Scale  
ARROWS Arrows A2 S27   1/20 Completed
  Arrows A19 Mod   1/20 Completed

B.A.R. B.A.R 001 S27 1/20  
  B.A.R 002 S27   1/20 Completed
  B.A.R 003 S27 1/20  
  B.A.R 007 S27 1/20  

BENETTON Benetton Ford B186 S27   1/20 Completed
  Benetton Ford B188 TAM S27 P/E 1/20  
  Benetton Ford B192 TAM S27 P/E 1/20  
  Benetton Renault B195 ACA F1S P/E 1/20  
  Benetton B198 S27   1/20  

BRABHAM Brabham BT34 Ford IRI 1/20 Completed
  Brabham BT44B TAM ACS P/E 1/12  
  Brabham BT46 Alfa Romeo TAM   1/20  
  Brabham BT46B 'Fan Car' MFH   1/20  
  Brabham BT50 BMW Turbo TAM S27 P/E 1/20  
  Brabham BT52 AOS/BEE AOS P/E 1/20  

BRAWN Brawn BG-01
S27 1/20 Completed

FERRARI Ferrari 312B TAM 1/12  
  Ferrari 312T TAM   1/12  
  Ferrari 312T2 HAS HAS P/E 1/20  
  Ferrari 312T3 TAM S27 P/E     MER P/E 1/20  
  Ferrari 312T4 TAM   1/12  
  Ferrari 126C2 FUJ REN P/E     S27 P/E 1/20  
  Ferrari 126C2 S27   1/20  
  Ferrari 126C2 REV   1/12  
  Ferrari 126C4 MFH   1/20  
  Ferrari 126CK FUJ FUJ P/E 1/20  
  Ferrari 87/88C FUJ   1/20  
  Ferrari 641/2 FUJ   1/20  
  Ferrari 641/2 TAM PP P/E     F1S P/E 1/12  
  Ferrari F189 (Early version) TAM   1/20  
  Ferrari F189 TAM   1/20  
  Ferrari F1-90 FUJ   1/20  
  Ferrari F92AT MOD   1/20  
  Ferrari 412T1 S27   1/20  
  Ferrari 412T2 MFH   1/20  
  Ferrari 310 BBR   1/20  
  Ferrari 310B TAM   1/20 Completed
  Ferrari F300 S27   1/20  
  Ferrari F399 S27 1/20  
  Ferrari F2000 TAM ACS P/E     SAK P/E     PP P/E     SCM P/E
TPS P/E     S27 P/E
  Ferrari F2001 TAM S27 P/E     PP P/E     SCM P/E 1/20  
  Ferrari F2002 REV SCM P/E 1/12  
  Ferrari F2003-GA FUJ TPS P/E 1/20  
  Ferrari F2004 S27   1/20  
  Ferrari F2005 S27   1/20  
  Ferrari 248 FUJ   1/20  
  Ferrari F2007 S27   1/20  
  Ferrari F2008 S27   1/20  
  Ferrari F60 TAM   1/20  
  Ferrari F10 MFH   1/20  
  Ferrari 150° Italia FUJ   1/20  
  Ferrari F138 FUJ   1/20  
  Ferrari SH70H TAM   1/20  

FOOTWORK Footwork Mugen Honda FA13
MOD 1/20 Completed

S27 1/20 Completed

HONDA Honda RA272 TAM 1/20 Completed
  Honda RA273 TAM   1/12  
  Honda RA107 S27   1/20  
  Honda RA108 S27   1/20  

JAGUAR Jaguar R1
S27 1/20 Completed

JORDAN Jordan 191 TAM S27 P/E 1/20  
  Jordan 192 S27 1/20  
  Jordan Honda EJ199 MOD   1/20  
  Jordan Honda EJ10 TRH   1/20 Completed
  Jordan Honda EJ11 S27 1/20  
  Jordan Honda EJ12 S27 1/20  

KOJIMA Kojima KE007
MFH 1/20 Completed

LEYTON HOUSE Leyton House CG901b
TAM 1/20 Completed

LIGIER Ligier JS11 TAM 1/20 Completed
  Ligier JS39 ACE   1/20  

LOLA Lola Ford LC91
SHU 1/20 Completed

LOTUS Lotus 25 TAM 1/20 Completed
  Lotus 49 TAM S27 P/E 1/12  
  Lotus 49B TAM   1/12  
  Lotus 72C EBB   1/20
  Lotus 72C (Rob Walker) EBB 1/20  
  Lotus 72D TAM   1/20  
  Lotus 72E EBB   1/12  
  Lotus 78 TAM   1/12  
  Lotus 78 TAM S27 P/E     F1S P/E 1/20  
  Lotus 79 (Martini) TAM TAM P/E 1/20  
  Lotus 79 S27   1/20  
  Lotus 79 HAS   1/20  
  Lotus 81 S27   1/20  
  Lotus 87 S27   1/20  
  Lotus 88 S27   1/20  
  Lotus 88B EBB   1/20  
  Lotus 95 S27   1/20  
  Lotus 97T CBM S27 P/E 1/20  
  Lotus 98T CBM   1/20
  Lotus 99T TAM   1/20 Completed
  Lotus 102B TAM S27 P/E 1/20  
  Lotus 102D TAM   1/20  
  Lotus 107 TAM   1/20  
  Lotus 107B TAM   1/20  
  Lotus 109 SHU   1/20  

MATRA Matra MS11
TAM 1/12 Completed

MCLAREN McLaren M23 Yardley TAM 1/12
  McLaren M23 TAM S27 P/E 1/12  
  McLaren M23 Ford TAM   1/20  
  McLaren M26 Ford S27   1/20
  McLaren MP4/1C Ford ACE 1/20 Completed
  McLaren MP4/2 AOS/BEE BEE P/E 1/20  
  McLaren MP4/4 Honda TAM S27 P/E     TPS P/E 1/20  
  McLaren MP4/5 Honda S27   1/20  
  McLaren MP4/5B Honda TAM S27 P/E     PP P/E 1/20  
  McLaren MP4/6 Honda TAM S27 P/E     PP P/E     TPS P/E 1/12  
  McLaren MP4/7 Honda TAM S27 P/E     PP P/E    S27 WHLS 1/20  
  McLaren MP4/8 Ford TAM S27 P/E     S27 WHLS 1/20  
  McLaren MP4/11
ACE   1/20  
  McLaren MP4/12
HBC   1/20  
  McLaren MP4/13 Japanese GP TAM S27 P/E     PP P/E     SCM P/E     TPS P/E 1/20  
  McLaren MP4/14 TRH   1/20  
  McLaren MP4/15 TRH   1/20  
  McLaren MP4/16 S27   1/20  
  McLaren MP4/17 S27   1/20  
  McLaren MP4/18 S27   1/20  
  McLaren MP4/19B S27   1/20  
  McLaren MP4/20 S27   1/20  
  McLaren MP4/21 S27   1/20  
  McLaren MP4/22 S27   1/20  
  McLaren MP4/27 FUJ HBD P/E 1/20  
  McLaren MP4/30 (early vers.) EBB 1/20  

MINARDI Minardi MS188
MOD 1/20 Completed

Texaco Lola T93/00
TAM 1/20 Completed

RED BULL Red Bull Racing RB5 EJAN   1/20 Completed
RED BULL Red Bull Racing RB6 TAM HBD P/E 1/20 Completed

RENAULT Renault RS-01 MFH 1/20  
  Renault RE20 Turbo TAM 1/12  
  Renault RE30B Turbo TAM S27 P/E 1/20  
  Renault R202 2002 S27   1/20 Completed
  Renault R27 2007 S27 1/20  

SAUBER Sauber C22 S27 1/20  
  Sauber BMW F1.06 S27 1/20  
  Sauber BMW F1.08 S27 1/20  
  Sauber C30 FUJ   1/20
  Sauber C31 FUJ   1/20

SHADOW Shadow DN5B ACE 1/20  
  Shadow DN9 S27 1/20  

STEWART Stewart Ford SF-01 ACE 1/20  

TOLEMAN Toleman TG184 MFH 1/20  
  Toleman TG185 WLF   1/20  

TOYOTA Toyota TF102 S27 1/20  

TYRRELL Tyrrell 001 Ford TAM 1/12  
  Tyrrell 002 Ford EBB S27 P/E 1/20  
  Tyrrell 006 Ford ACE   1/20  
  Tyrrell 007 Japan 1977 S27   1/20 Completed
  Tyrrell P34 Ford TAM   1/12  
  Tyrrell P34 1977 Japan FUJ   1/20  
  Tyrrell P34 1977 Monaco TAM S27 P/E 1/20  
  Tyrrell P34 Early Version IRI   1/20  
  Tyrrell 008 S27   1/20  
  Tyrrell 019 S27   1/20  
  Tyrrell 020 Braun Honda TAM   1/20  
  Tyrrell 023 Yamaha TAM S27 P/E 1/20  

WALTER WOLF Wolf WR-1 TAM 1/12  
  Wolf WR-1 Theodore Racing TAM   1/20 Completed

WILLIAMS Williams FW07 TAM 1/20 Completed
  Williams FW07B TAM 1/20 Completed
  Williams FW08 AMD 1/20  
  Williams FW09 S27 1/20  
  Williams FW11 Honda TAM M&A P/E     PP P/E 1/20
  Williams FW12 S27   1/20 Completed
  Williams FW13B TAM   1/20  
  Williams FW14B TAM S27 P/E     PP P/E 1/12  
  Williams FW16 MFH   1/20  
  Williams FW18 HBC   1/20  
  Williams FW19 S27   1/20  
  Williams FW20 TAM Curbside Conversion Project 1/20  
  Williams FW21 S27   1/20  
  Williams FW22 TRH   1/20  
  Williams FW23 S27   1/20  
  Williams FW24 BMW TAM SCM P/E     S27 P/E     ACS P/E 1/20  
  Williams FW26 S27   1/20