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For any questions, comments on my builds or if I can help with any queries you may have for your own projects or even to simply just say hello...


To Order a Figure

If you would like to commision a figure then simply get in touch with a description of what you require and I will get back to you with details of a price and approximate timescale. If I need to order the figures then I will require a 50% deposit before starting any work.

For a guide to prices per figure see here

Payment can be made via paypal or by cheque (UK customers only please). I reserve the right to keep any figure that isn't paid for upon completion.

To Order a Model

Lots of us have built models over the years however some of us are... well shall we say... less gifted than others and rather less careful when armed with a tube of glue!

A professionaly finished model when displayed can be a focal point of a room or office or be a smaller part of a large collection. They need to be as accurate as possible to their 1:1 counterparts and would stand up to being scrutinised by the most serious of motorsport follower.

If you are interested in commisioning a particular model to be built, the best way to contact me is via email. I will require a 25% deposit before starting any work in order for me to order in whichever model is required and any subsequent detail parts to be added. Alternatively if you have already purchased the model then simply let me know as much information as possible about the type of build you require and we can go from there.

The seven points below are a minimum I would need to know from you before commencing any build;

  • Make and model of vehicle
  • Year of competition/manufacture
  • Scale of finished model
  • Level of detailing
  • Any relevant drivers
  • Any further customisation or personalisation required

Once we have discussed all of the above, I can then look at researching a kit that would be most suitable to use as a starting point and therefore be able to establish the amount of work required to achieve the finished result. The total cost will include all materials, starter/donor kits needed, aftermarket upgrades and add ons and my build time.

A word of warning here, most detailed builds will normally take a around 2-3 months depending upon scale and detail etc. Whilst I will give you an approximate completion time this may extend (or shorten) during the build process, however the progress of your model can always be monitored via pictures through email or visiting my studio in person.

I have a wealth of reference material both in printed form and electronic material collected via the internet. I also have to capture photographs of cars that have appeared at events such as the British Grand Prix, Brands Hatch, Croft Racing Circuit, Goodwood's Festival of Speed and other events such as the Rally of Britain and further a field at venues such as Le Mans and the Belgium and French Grand Prix.