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A selection of some of the commissions I have completed, these models were all built for private collectors and now reside in their own collections. If you are interested in commissioning a model please take a look at the Commission Guide for an explanation of how to order a model along with a rough guide to costings. Some models have further build progress pictures.

Blake's7 Scorpio Ferrari 643 Honda CBR750 Jaguar XS
Blake's 7 Scorpio 1/8 Ferrari 643 1/12 Honda CBR750 1/24 Jaguar XJS
Austin Mini 1/12 Morgan Range Rover Vintage Bike
1/24 Austin Mini 1/12 Morgan 3 Wheeler 1/24 Range Rover 1/32 Vintage Motorcycle
Williams FW14B pheonix Yamaha R1 DeHavilland Mosquito
1/8 Williams FW14B Pheonix (Battle of the Planets) 1/12 Yamaha R1 1/48 DeHavilland Mosquito
Puma Helicopter 1/32nd Cars MGB GT VW T2
1/72 Super Puma 1/32 Cars 1/24 MGB GT 1/24 VW T2
Landrover 110 VW T2    
1/24 Landrover 110 Cab Defender 1/32 Conoco WWII Refueller    

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